Welcome to AMMIL, a brand new shopping experience for people just like you!


Founded by a 'mother and daughter' team in 2021, Michelle and Kirstie are here to give you the shopping experience for which they have been looking, aiming to grow this new business with you and find out what you like; for yourself or as a gift.



Michelle says: "Although big-name eCommerce stores have their place, they're not always what our customers are after. Since the first lockdown in 2020, neither High Street nor out of town shopping is what it once was. We 'put up' with shopping from home but do miss the personal aspect of being out there within it. Touching and often smelling the products, getting great advice. We aim to capture that by knowing our customers as much, or as little as they want us to, and providing them with the product that they expect."


Kirstie continues: "We're always available to chat through options: if we haven't got it in stock, we'll source what it is you want. We'll call you at a time that suits you to discuss options if you'd prefer that to eMail."


"With AMMIL", continues Michelle, "we aim to be the 'go to' online store that you know you can trust - that your partner knows that they can come to, to get just the right gift. The venue where you place your birthday or wedding present list. Just let us know what you're after, and we'll do our best to find it for you! We also have a personal wrapping service that we provide at cost. However, everything will arrive lovingly eco-wrapped as standard. If you want to send one of our cards directly, let us know - we'll write it by hand and pop it in the post for you. Either with or without a present."


Michelle and Kirstie want you to be confident in what you purchase. They won't be stocking anything that they wouldn't want to own themselves or feel that their customers wouldn't want to own!


"Everything in our store is lovingly selected for the look, feel, and happiness that it gives you. Many items have been sourced for their commitment to the environment and trade, empowering local artisans across the globe to earn a good income. We'll be stocking a lot of vegan-friendly products and promoting women-owned businesses." continues Michelle.


Based on the coast, in East Sussex, they have the South Downs to the north of them and the sea to the south. "There's no excuse for us not to get out and enjoy the wonderful English countryside that surrounds us", laughs Kirstie! You can often see them both out on their mountain bikes, enjoying the fresh Sussex air.


Kirstie explains, "We're often helped (or hindered) by our two friends and colleagues, Murphy and Milo. Murphy is a 15-year-old rescue Sprollie who adores children. And food. Don't forget the food, because he won't! Milo is our cat (he's now much too huge to be called a kitten) who turned one in March. Being born in lockdown, like many 'babies', he's very wary of strangers. But not food. He loves his food too!"


Michelle & Kirstie are incredibly excited to bring what they anticipate will soon become an individual concept of online shopping to your door and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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